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The most delicious food on the island is in this restaurant. The freshest seafood, a huge selection of dishes, quick service, excellent staff, a beautiful view of the lagoon and a quiet pleasant atmosphere. Choosing Boracay Expert: tuna shashimil with vegetables and mashed potatoes, shrimp grilled with couscous, tuna tartar, gazpacho from tomato and watermelon. For breakfast, eggs Benedict with fresh salmon. Dessert mango float. Fresh mango juice, natural coffee latte. Also here is the most delicious pizza, sustained in all the traditions of Italian cuisine, cooked in the oven. Location is Bulabog beach, Timog kite shcool.

100% coconut cafe

Korean restaurants and cafes are always refined, sophisticated interior design and carefully selected menus. All the elements from the dishes, to the napkins in style. In 100% coconut cafe we ​​tried many dishes, cakes, cakes and jams. Drank a lot of cups of coffee. Pink flamingos decorate the interior. This place is created with love. The air conditioner cools and the internet is very fast.


Boracay Expert loves small restaurants and exquisite style and quality menu. By Da Way – a restaurant overlooking the lagoon and a special meal, which is not easy to find on the island. Salad “Caprese” with mozzarella, basil, balsamic, olive oil and pita bread won our heart! In quiet and calm, the dishes bring quickly. Prepare seafood, sandwiches and much more. The location – end of bulabog beach left side and 20 meters up in small road. Before LuxView Hotel.